20 Ways to Find Players For Your Golf Tournament

20 Ways to Find Players For Your Golf Tournament

20 Ways to Find Players For Your Golf Tournament

The Opportunity Scholarship Golf Tournament is right around the corner and some of you may be asking how you can help us get more golfers for our event. We’ve now taken the time to ask quite a few people about joining our tournament and we’re seeing some methods really paying off.

Here’s a list of 20 ways you can entice more golfers to your tournament and ensure success.

  1. Visit a TopGolf  near you; You can have a great time at TopGolf and forget they even having a state of the art driving range. It’s a great place to meet clients and entertain friends. Heck, the prices are even great! Next time you go (make a next time :-)) wait about 15 minutes and mention the tournament to the folks in the bay on both sides. You’d be surprised what the results are.
  2. Church Bulletin; You don’t have to go to church every Sunday to know there are some good people that attend – good people that would love to support your tournament. Most churches have what’s called a church bulletin where the church organizes promotions to keep their congregation informed.  See if you can get your tournament mentioned in next Sunday’s listing… and then the next Sunday’s… and then the next Sunday’s. You get it.
  3. Retired & Ready to Golf; We all know at least 1 or 2 people that are either retired or work with you and have a case of senior-itus because their retiring soon. What better way to honor their infinitely superior (o_O) golf games than to invite them to your very own tournament. With more free time to enjoy the finer things in life, your tournament would be the perfect way to spend a Spring Monday morning.
  4. List Us; Find a golf tournament listing (or general event listing) website and list us there! It’s that simple. We have found a few so far like EventBrite18for4.com, Eventful and of course Facebook that we’ve already created profiles for. The rest are hiding just for you to find them!
  5. Family & Friends;  Simply ask family and friends if they golf and if they’d be open to golf with us. College buddies, distant cousins,  parents & spouses all included. It’s also a great conversation starter for family – now, you’re the cousin that raises funds scholarships.
  6. “Flyer Than A Piece of Paper Bearin’ My Name”; Post flyers on bulletin boards at your mail room, at the post office, the driving range, with your doorman, etc. Everywhere a flyer can be posted, let’s post one. The Jay-Z reference was just a bonus.
  7. Hang out at Golf Shops; The next time you’re browsing at a golf shop, plan on being extra chatty, mention the tournament, then leave a flyer or event business card. Rinse & repeat.
  8. You;  Yes, you! If you can play a round of golf, even at an amateur level, consider playing. We’re going to have a good time with mulligans and string play so don’t sweat it. Just plan to have a good time with everyone or form a team of your own.
  9. Not the Okie-Doke, but Close; Juuussst as you’re about to make your next purchase at a local retailer, mention leaving some flyers for the tournament. See if that greases some wheels prior to purchase. Hey, it’s for a good cause, right.
  10. Casually Leave A Business Card; Occasionally I dine rather well at nicer restaurants where golfers also dine… and occasionally I leave my business card(s). It happens.
  11. Ask Your Co-Workers; What better water-cooler conversation can you have than about raising money AND playing golf. Enough said, right. If you golf, you’ve been a part of many Saturday morning scrambles. If not, you know someone who has. Check with them. Even the next conference you attend could have some avid golfers coming to DFW.
  12. And the Winner Is…; Google golf courses in your area. Choose 1 and ask them if they have a list of recent tournaments. Contact the organizers of those tournaments and see if their winners would join us. A winner will want to get right back out there and compete.
  13. The Doctor is In!; Doctors golf. If you’ve been fortunate enough to build a friendly report with a doctor or nurse be sure to mention our scholarship tournament and how great the view of Downtown looks from the 15th hole at Stevens Park. Say no more.
  14. Email this Article; It’s a really pleasant experience to know you have friends that are willing to help with a cause if they only had some tips on how to help. Email a few friends this article and see how far it takes you.
  15. Chapter Play; Greek letter organizations have a number of individuals that have taken up golf. See if your local fraternity or sorority chapter is willing to sponsor a team. This same approach would also work with your local lodges and social clubs. Try it and see.
  16. Google Golf Associations; Google [INSERT YOUR CITY] Golf Associations and very simply call them up to see if they would be interested in team play. It’s what they do.
  17. Off on Mondays?; Casually ask some Facebook friends if they’re off on Mondays. Then leave a comment with tournament details. It’s worth a shot.
  18. The Media;  Be sure to send the official press release to your favorite radio or television station. The media loves hearing about local events that benefit great causes. Choose a media outlet and send a press release their way post haste.
  19. Eavesdrop; I just so happen to overhear golfer stories all the time.  It’s a gift. These are great opportunities to butt in and let them know about a tournament you’re a part of. This only works when you know the people you’re eavesdropping on. Otherwise it’s just creepy.
  20. Sheriffs Need Deputies; Feel free to let 1 special friend know about what you’re doing and see if they will sign up for 1 hour a week to help out. We have a great pool of friends and they’re always willing to lend a hand for something this important.

Hopefully, after reading through these you are a little more comfortable with all the ways you can find support for your golf tournament.

And yes, it’s YOUR golf tournament. When you care about your organization the way we know you do you will breeze through this list and end up making a Part II of your own.

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