Winning the Best Sponsors For Your Charity Golf Tournament

Golfer Waiting to Tee off

Golfer Waiting to Tee off

We all hope the biggest victories in our charity golf tournaments go to the causes we’re fighting for. Raising significant amounts of funds to stave off education challenges and provide opportunities is definitely the reason you organize so diligently for your event’s success.

Reaching out to sponsors is often the difference between achieving your program goals and those challenges getting the better of our society. Sponsors are important to your organization. With that said, providing as many opportunities for their success should be just as important as achieving your financial goals.

You have 2 areas to consider: Choosing the right sponsors to partner with and providing opportunities for exposure.

Choosing the right sponsors will mean putting your golf tournament in front a lot of good companies. Often finding those companies can be difficult. Let’s explore a numbers potential contacts to get you started:

New Businesses; In this economy we’re seeing a number of new businesses opening their doors. ANY new business you come into contact with is going to need to shake a lot of hands to build clientele. Your tournament may be just what they need.

Restaurant3; Choose 3 of your most frequented restaurants to stop by and introduce your tournament. They are always happy to see you and they’ll have lots to offer in the form of gift certificates and silent auctions items.

Your Barber/Hair Stylist; Here’s a business owner that you see more than most. Help them add to their roster of clients by exposing them to more of your friends and colleagues.

The Company You Keep; .Whether you own a business of your own or climb the corporate ladder for a Fortune 500 company you’ll find open ears for sponsoring the right cause. Try to tailor your presentation to their typical social responsibility efforts. If you have the proper documentation the process should more manageable.

Lawyer Up; A good relationship with your attorney is not only a good idea in principle, it has its benefits. Leverage this sponsorship opportunity as a method to finally meet your colleagues in a relaxed and inviting setting.

Church; While the tax benefits may not be as attractive to religious institutions, your cause may fit their community outreach efforts. Offer a course hole sign or banner or even an opportunity as a title sponsor. Either way, this positions the church to reach outside their congregations.

Consult Your Financial Adviser; Your financial adviser has done a lot for you over the years – and vice versa. This person is keenly aware of the benefits of being social and remaining top of mind in their clients’ minds and their colleagues.

Chiropractor; Since you may not see your chiropractor much they may enjoy and opportunity to meet more people, gain more exposure and introduce their brand to people that already love golf course therapy.

Home Sweet Home; Quite simply: your home is cared for by you and a number of small business owners called contractors. There businesses are typically less than 50 people strong and need advertising opportunities to gain new business.

Location, Location, Location; The nice Realtor that sold you your home or the manager at your apartment complex could both use more contacts in their database. With a friendly conversation about your cause both may be receptive.

Saw Ah; You have been with your dentist for years. You trust her and she trusts you. On your next visit spend a little time telling your dentist and the front desk staff about how many people they can show their smiles to at your golf tournament. They help raise money for scholarships and you help them find more smiles.

Can You Hear Me Now; Believe it or not your mobile provider is a philanthropic organization. They also have regional budgets specifically allocated to assist community projects and ensure the communities they do business in flourish.

Public Relations 101; Over the years you may have come in contact with a Public Relations firm or two. Chances are, they are masters at meeting people and they do this specifically by participating in events like yours. Be sure to introduce your event to as many PR firms as you can. They are more likely to offer in-kind donations but they are certainly prone to assisting.

Sheriffs Need Deputies; Feel free to let 1 special friend know about what you’re doing and see if they will sign up for 1 hour a week to help out. We have a great pool of friends and they’re always willing to lend a hand for something this important.

Providing & maximizing opportunities for exposure are exactly the types of efforts that potential sponsors find most lucrative in the organizations they support.

Golf tournaments are a way to expose their brands to specific potential customers. A bolstered bottom line or an expanded footprint are conventional metrics for a successful sponsorship.

Sprint may want to join as a title sponsor in order increase customer reach in an area dominated by a competitor. A Honda dealership may provide a vehicle for a larger tournament’s Hole in One competition if the demographic of the tournament are parents of college-bound students. Ultimately, you’ll want to be able to speak to and offer particulars of the demographic groups playing in your tournament.

The sponsors will be looking to ensure returns on their investments. There are countless opportunities at your disposal as long as the golf course you choose is open to your ideas. Offering radio exposure prior to the event, course hole banners/signage, even sponsoring breakfast call all lead to maximizing impressions.

Follow the approach of matching sponsors to the right customers, and you will land more sponsorship and increase your fundraising.

The biggest winners with a charity golf tournament are ultimately the causes themselves but you can definitely ensure that your sponsors win big as well.

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