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As you all begin to step into more and more important leadership roles – I wanted to offer this quick little tidbit. I’ve picked up a few things in my years of running organizations and from time to time I might have brain dumps and want to fill your spam boxes with what I think you could use.

…just bare with me…

Resourcing at the speed of your programming is a concept I’ve recently learning will allow your programs to move swiftly and smoothly. Having a few VERY key people in a few VERY key places pays off in droves.

Simply put, align your organizations’ resources and staff to meet the rapid pace of the programs you put together.

Hare, tortoise and eco efficiency

Hare, tortoise and eco efficiency

The 3 most important arms of your organizations will be Administration, Production & Marketing. Ensure that each one of these areas is equipped with not only the right people but the right paperwork, organization and motivations.

Your Administration staff is BIG because your financials and general operations are paramount if you’re actually going to get anything approved and changed. This person/group has to understand contracts, boiler plate accounting, be able to speak up and not take no for an answer… even if it’s from you. The key here is it has to make sense to this person and you have to make it make sense to them. That’s your job as a leader.

Your Production staff crafts your programming or builds your products or provides your service. This is you’re warehouse or manufacturing plant. For an organization, think of this group as the think-tank that actually fulfills the purpose of your organization. You guessed it: THEY ARE IMPORTANT. You need to provide them what they need, when they need it. And if you can’t get that done they need to know why so they can start rethinking your strategy. They come up with the fundraisers and banquets and workshops and community develop initiatives and grant proposals. They are the reason you can keep existing. They are your propose. Respect that fact. Empower them to be great and you all will be.

Marketing is the great separator and secret weapon between you and your competitors. Who is the chief educator and awe-inspiring figure in your industry? If it’s not you, assuming you’re actually providing valuable service, then your Marketing isn’t getting it done. If it’s not you then you’ll want to spend time with this team to ensure that the public or your customers knows your value and know it sooner than later. Don’t wait for this group to learn on the job – challenge them to research and find out how to carve out an aggressive niche in your respective disciplines. Your brand is important and this group will help you and others understand that. And not just with flyers or slick business cards or letterhead – allow this group to help translate your overall vision into how your group is perceived both internally and externally. I have but one word to help put this in perspective: Apple.

As leaders, You have to be able to influence people and provide guidance. That’s your basic garden variety leadership. But there are 3 core jobs of an effective leader:

  1. Eliminate confusion
  2. Provide clear direction
  3. Protect the vision at all costs

If you’re doing those 3 things then you’re probably making major moves. Once more – if you’re doing those 3 things AND you’ve built the support cast we discussed above you’re well on your way to truly contributing. That is what makes you valuable and that is why your programming will succeed.

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