The Opportunity Scholarship

In celebrating 20 years of alumni contributions to Dallas’ leadership program, we’ve introduced the new Opportunity Scholarship – created to award a select group of students the financial support they’ve earned through their academic achievements and social responsibility.

Alumni will go through a rigorous 6-week process to carefully select an individual who consistently demonstrates an appreciation for academic growth as well as ardent participation in social awareness programs.

We feel these students are well on their way to becoming society’s more gifted contributors -the problem solvers or future. ~ Adolphus Nolan, III, President of the Dr. Emmett J. Conrad Alumni Association (’12)

As we encourage program participants to become active in their communities’ needs while still remaining competitive in the classroom we also recognize the need to contribute to their success in the form of both scholarship and mentoring.

We are proud to introduce this scholarship into our portfolio of support for the Dr. Emmett J. Conrad Leadership Program.

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